Who We Are

The Euphonic Syndicate is an ensemble dedicated to bringing a new perspective to music that makes it more accessible. We believe that music is for everyone.


Abi EVans

Abi is one of the founding members, and has worked during her music studies to create a more egalitarian performance environment. She believes that recitals shouldn't be restricted to someone who has an extensive musical background, and that everyone should be able to have access to concerts that work for people with a variety of backgrounds and preferences. 


Stirling Bowlick

Stirling is one of the founding members, and a woodwind specialist, playing saxophone, clarinet, and flute. He writes and arranges music for the Euphonic Syndicate, and works with Abi to commission works that include viola and saxophone, along with the other instruments he plays. An advocate of the saxophone in classical music, Stirling believes that instruments, like people, should have equal access to classical music. 



WHat We DO

The Euphonic Syndicate is a duo dedicated to bringing under-represented music to the concert hall, and creating a performance environment that is friendly to everyone.

Contra Viola.jpg

Music unheard

Never heard any music for viola and saxophone? We're not surprised. It's because there really isn't any. We are dedicated to commissioning new works from composers in order to build a repertoire for viola and saxophone.

We're also committed to bringing previously under-performed (and in some cases, never performed) works to the public. Composers such as Caspar Diethelm have not known the popularity of their contemporaries, and we are working to bring their music into the spotlight. 

Accessible Performances

Do you have trouble sitting through a two hour concert of classical music? So do we. The Euphonic Syndicate is working to create an alternative concert atmosphere, one that encourages the audience to make the performance experience unique. Want to walk around and look at the music we're playing? Go for it. Would you rather lay on the floor and listen with your eyes closed? That sounds great! Instead of restricting audiences to sitting still, with eyes focused on the stage, we encourage our audiences to move around and get comfy. 

Still enjoy the more traditional concert mood? Don't worry, we still give traditional concerts, because we understand that's enjoyable too. 



Music isn't the only kind of art

In our non-traditional performances, we strive to incorporate other art forms. Historically, literature, visual art, and performance arts have all influenced each other, and for many, including more than one art form enhances the creative experience. 

If you're an artist looking to collaborate, please contact us at info@euphonicsyndicate.com more details.