The people

The Euphonic Syndicate is an ensemble dedicated to bringing a new perspective to music that makes it more accessible. We believe that music is for everyone.


Abi EVans

Abi is one of the founding members, and has worked during her music studies to create a more egalitarian performance environment. She believes that recitals shouldn't be restricted to someone who has an extensive musical background, and that everyone should be able to have access to concerts that work for people with a variety of backgrounds and preferences. 


Stirling Bowlick

Stirling is one of the founding members, and a woodwind specialist, playing saxophone, clarinet, and flute. He writes and arranges music for the Euphonic Syndicate, and works with Abi to commission works that include viola and saxophone, along with the other instruments he plays. An advocate of the saxophone in classical music, Stirling believes that instruments, like people, should have equal access to classical music.